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7-Inch Santoku
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Senshi Knife Set
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Chuka Bocho Cleaver
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Masters of Traditions

Why Kamikoto Japanese Steel Blades?

Individually inspected
& signed

Single bevel blades

Japanese Honshu Steel

Ash wood box

A Process Refined over Generations

Kamikoto blades are handmade with precise attention and care.
Each blade pays tribute to the centuries-old craft of knifemaking.
Japanese steel blades that are carefully balanced – and meticulously polished.
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Essential Knives

7-Inch Santoku

Specialty Knives


Individual Knives

The choice of the best chefs around the world

We are so impressed with the Kamikoto knives. They are of both extremely high quality whilst being functional and appropriate for everyday kitchen use. We would highly recommend them for professional and home use.

Rupert Blease

Chef owner of Lord Stanley

These knives are beautiful. I was a bit skeptical trying them as I love my knife set and research extensively before I add to my collection. As soon as I picked up the nakiri, the weight and balance told me I was going to love it. Anything I cut with the nakiri feels like slicing through soft butter with that wonderful blade.

Josh Hershkovitz

Chef owner of Hersh's

You can feel the precision and old tradition of knife making simply by holding these knives in your hand. The weight and balance of these knives are perfectly designed as they truly feel like an extension of your hand with each razor sharp cut.

Slade Rushing

Executive Chef of Brennan's

Lifetime Guarantee

Kamikoto knives carry a limited lifetime guarantee for the lifetime of the product. Blades crafted in the hands of true masters, they are skillfully forged to serve you generations over.
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What Kamikoto Buyers Are Saying

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Kanpeki Knife Set

#1 Choice Among Chefs

Includes one vegetable knife, one slicing knife, and one utility knife. Each knife is precision balanced and weighted for optimal form and long-lasting performance.

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Keeping Tradition Alive

Steelmaking has been at the beating heart of Honshu 本州, Japan’s largest island, for more than 800 years. From traditional techniques like Mokume-gane 木目金 – with its distinctive layered patterns to ironworking, swordsmithing and metal casting – Japan’s metal craft techniques were evolved and refined over the centuries. Kamikoto builds on this legacy to keep tradition alive in a changing world.