7 Reasons Chefs are switching to Single Bevel Knives

Though double-bevel knives have been commonplace in many kitchens, more and more chefs are instead switching over to single-bevel knives - the traditional Japanese standard for blades.

We dug deeper to find out why chefs are switching over.


Unparalleled Sharpness

Single-bevel blades have a shinogi surface - the flat surface that meets the edge of a blade, providing unparalleled sharpness. The geometry of this flat surface results in the creation of a razor-like edge in single-bevel knives. Hand-sharpened by master craftsmen, all Kamikoto single-bevel blades are honed to this illustrious point.


Absolute Control

All single-bevel blades have an urasaki surface - a concave area on the back of the blade that reduces drag and creates a smoother surface when slicing through food, preventing food from sticking to the knife and giving the chef complete control. Kamikoto knives also feature a well-balanced weightiness that further increases the control the wielder has over the blades.


Excellent Durability

Experts have long said that a single-bevel blade is directly linked to the life-span of knives. The uraoshi - the thin rim that surrounds a single-bevel blade to enhance its strength - is a contributing factor. This is why many single-bevel blades are often the choice of chefs in restaurants, where they are used day in and day out, standing the test of time. Kamikoto knives are crafted to last a lifetime, handmade from high-grade Japanese Honshu steel which is renowned for its durability.


Cleaner Cuts

Single-bevel blades result in far cleaner cuts. With knives primed for working with fish, the sharp edge allows for the clean filleting of the largest of fish, giving the chef complete control during the process. When crushing through bone or shellfish, single-bevel blades create far fewer fragments. As a result, single-bevel Kamikoto knives are primed for deft work when handling fish, poultry or steak.


Preserved Integrity

The absolute sharpness achievable by a combined urasaki surface and shinogi surface in single bevel blades allow chefs to preserve the integrity of ingredients during preparation, as the razor-thin edge causes minimal damage to the surface and cells, preserving texture, taste and color. Crafted by expert knife smiths, Kamikoto knives are renowned for their excellent handling.


Honoring Traditions

There is honour and prestige that goes hand in hand with using a single-bevel blade, steeped in tradition and often used exclusively by master chefs. Single bevel blades have ties to carrying out tasks as they would have centuries ago and demonstrates a chef’s skill and prestige. Each Kamikoto blade pays tribute to the centuries-old craft of knifemaking and is handcrafted using traditional skills acquired by expert bladesmiths through the centuries.



Above all, single bevel knives are prized for their beauty - their association with Japanese craftsmanship has shaped their incredibly simple yet striking form. Handcrafted with precise attention and care, Kamikoto blades have been perfected by the counsel of Japanese blade experts and multigenerational Japanese knifesmithing families.

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